5W N RF Termination dummy load 18GHz 50ohm

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5W N RF Termination dummy load 18GHz 50ohm

Product Abstract:

5W RF load termination,dummy load 50ohms
DC to 18000Mhz
SMA male or female all avaliable
Factory supply,OEM is welcome

Product Description

DC-6GHz N 5W RF load termination,dummy load,rf terminator 50ohm

1. Power Rating:5W 

2. VSWR(max):1.2:1 

3. Frequency Range:DC-6GHz

5W Dummy Load (N, DC-6GHz)  are used in a wide variety of measurement systems; any port of a multi-port microwave device that is not involved in the measurement should be terminated in its characteristic impedance in order to ensure an accurate measurement. Terminations are also used in devices such as directional couplers and isolators. High power versions are used in transmitter applications as 5W Dummy Load.

5W RF load termination Technical Specifications:
VSWR ≤1.20        POWER RATING 5W
TEMPERATURE RANGE -35°C to +85°C    


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