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Shenzhen Teleworld Microwave Co.,Ltd is an Professional supplier of high quality RF, Microwave and mmwave components from China. Since 2009 we have been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of RF attenuators, terminations and other passive components. As the industry evolved, RFteleworld has grown and expanded our lines to keep meeting customer needs. Our products are used widely in commercial, industrial, and military applications including wireless, satellite, defense, test&measurement and many more.


Main Products:

● Coaxial Fixed Attenuator (DC-3GHz through 67GHz, 2W-2kW)

● Coaxial Termination (DC-3GHz through 67GHz, 2W-1000W)
●Isolator&Circulator(up to 40GHz)
●Power Divider(up to 50GHz)

● DC Block (up to 67GHz)

● Flexible Cable Assemblies (Up to 110GHz)

● mmWave Coax Adapter/Connector(Up to 110GHz)

RFteleworld has been continuously pursuing improvement and dedicating to product innovation. We are confident in the quality of our products and most parts are warranted 12 months. Test data are provided along with each shipment.


RFteleworld has established long term solid partnership with worldwide sales representatives and distributors.our commitment to high quality standards, excellent customer service and custom capability have made us be a preferred supplier to many leading technology companies.

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    Coaxial attenuator,RF terminator,RF parts,RF Passive components,RF Accessories,coaxial cable adapter,coaxial components,custom microwave components,testing electronic components,coaxial attenuator,variable attenuator
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