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Shenzhen Teleworld Microwave Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaged in research, development, design and production of RF microwave passive components.
Teleworld Microwave produces a variety of specifications and various frequency up to 67GHz, power range from 1W-2000W, fixed attenuator,variable step attenuator,low PIM attenuator,DC block,rf load termination, power dividers, surge arrester,cable assembly,3dB Hybrids coupler,rf connector&adapter Accessories.
Products are widely used in radar, instruments, multiplex communication, space navigation, microwave technology, mobile communication, image transmission system and microwave integrated circuits.
Company has Agilent E5071B and so on a series of domestic and foreign first-class instrumentation and laboratory equipment, has a complete product line and solutions, we can customize according to customer demand to meet customer demand as the goal, for the global customers with innovative and customized products and services, to help clients achieve sustained profitability and success, to build free wide communication in the future. 

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    Coaxial attenuator,RF terminator,RF parts,RF Passive components,RF Accessories,coaxial cable adapter,coaxial components,custom microwave components,testing electronic components,coaxial attenuator,variable attenuator
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